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Locked keys in Car in Shawnee Mission KS?

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Express Lock Service opens locked cars and homes, and rekeys the locks of homes and business. If you need fast service, then Express is a fast locksmith in Shawnee and Mission KS.

Established in 2005.


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Locked Keys in Car in Shawnee KS or Mission KS?

I locked my keys in my car — who do I call?

Call Express for a fast locksmith in Shawnee or in Mission KS:

(913) 599-0400

Getting locked out of your car is frustrating and stressful but it can easily happen to anyone. It's especially bad when you need to get to work or pick the kids up or just put the groceries in the car and now it's locked with the keys inside the car. As a fast local locksmith in Shawnee-Mission KS, I've unlocked several thousand cars over the past 19 years.

Locked out the house is no more fun.

There are several ways to get locked out. Often, with cars, the car has actually locked itself. "I got out and I heard a click and the car had locked itself!" people tell me. "They're not supposed to do that with the keys inside!" Yes, that's correct. For a handful of reasons the electronic signals can 'get crossed' and the unexpected happens.

One common way people get locked out of the house is the electricity has gone out and so their electric garage door won't open... and they don't have a key!

However it happens, the locksmith at Express can be anywhere in Shawnee KS or Mission KS within 20-25 minutes.

I'm Chris and I own Express Lock Service. It's a small local business serving all Johnson County. Call us to get a fast locksmith in Shawnee-Mission.

You have NO faster option than hiring Express Lock Service so if you're in a hurry then we're the best choice.

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Call Express to unlock that locked door, or rekey your home or business:

Locksmith in Shawnee Mission KS

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Locksmith services available in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Shawnee, and Mission.

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