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Express Lock Service specializes in lockouts and rekeying. That way things stay "express"... meaning, fast. We're a mobile service and travel light and fast so the overhead is less and therefore the costs are less.

Arrival within 20 minutes if a fast lockout service is needed.

For rekeying home or business locks, when others say "can schedule the rekeying for next week", I can be there today.

Total price on the phone

Hidden fees are a risk with mobile services. Most work doesn't need an estimate. For lockouts we just need to know the kind of car. For rekeying we just need to know how many locks. And if you don't know how many locks, the math is easy to explain precisely and it won't change after arrival. So no onsite estimate is needed.

Some companies give an estimate and leave the price open-ended. A phrase like "prices start at" or even tossing the word "about" in there means they're saying "I'd rather not tell how expensive I am".

Express Lock Serive in Olathe is locally owned and operated, and we have fixed prices for all our services. Our reputation is founded on fast and skilled service at honest prices.

Rekey your locks

Rekey your home locks:

  • If you just moved in it's a necessity. You don't know who else has keys to your new home.
  • If you have a big ring of keys, get it down to one key for all locks.
  • If you have a key to some locks but not others, then why not be in control of the locks of your home?

  • Understand what rekeying is. Rekeying is not a replacement of the doorknobs and deadbolts. You're 1) getting new keys by 2) replacing the pins inside the locks. If your locks are in good shape, there's no need for the expense of buying a bunch of new locks - just get them rekeyed.

    Some people will wonder "With the expense of a locksmith, wouldn't I save money to just buy new locks and install them myself?" The answer is yes... IF you're just talking about 1-3 locks.

    The locksmith becomes more cost-effective solution when you're talking about more locks. At 4-5 locks you're getting close to the same price either way. At 6 locks, you're saving much if anything at all, just costing yourself both money and frustration.

    We also rekey commercial locks.

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    Express Lock Service is an insured professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County. We're a proud member of ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America. We're also accredited with the BBB.