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Express Lock Service specializes in lockouts and rekeying. That way things stay "express"... meaning, fast. Usually within 20 minutes if a fast lockout service is needed. When others say "can schedule the rekeying for next week", I can be there today.

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Hidden fees are a risk with mobile services. Most work doesn't need an estimate. For lockouts we just need to know the kind of car, and if you're very distant. For rekeying we just need to know how many locks. And even if you don't know how many locks, the math is easy to explain precisely. But sometimes an estimate is given anyway because that leaves the price open-ended. Which means they're saying "you can't guess how expensive I am" more than giving an estimate. (Some people pick the estimate over a flat rate for that very reason... they can't guess what the lowball estimate turns into).


Express Lock Serive in Olathe is locally owned and operated, and we have fixed prices for all our services. Our reputation is founded on fast and skilled service at honest prices.

Rekey your locks

Rekey the locks in all doors when moving in a new home or office. It's an important security measure to do if you moved into a new home and are not sure who has keys to your doors. Chances are one of your new unknown neighbors does.

With this service you keep the hardware but make it so old keys don't work and get new keys. It's the cheaper service than changing the locks.

Locksmith or Do-It-Yourself?

Be careful not to shoot your own foot trying to "save money".

Caller asks: "I want new keys for my doors, how much will that cost?"

I ask: "How many locks?"

They say: "Three".

I ask: "Is that doors or locks?"

About 4 in 5 persons tell me the number of doors. It's because we say "lock the door" and "unlock the door" all our lives. It's shorthand, but it's inaccurate and I can't answer their question "How much?" without some accuracy. When I explain a locksmith has to rekey each lock, and a door might have 2 or 3 locks in it, then it dawns on them: It's SIX locks! A doorknob and a deadbolt in each door.

Now the price is much more than expected! Ironically they were ready to spend money on rekeying 2 or 3 locks, which is fine with me but it's expensive. But 6 locks... when the money spent is making more sense, gets them "too expensive!" So they want another, cheaper solution. It should be the other way around.

The more locks, the more cost effective it is to hire the locksmith. Buy and change the locks yourself if it's only one or two and if you're handy with tools ... but save money by hiring a locksmith if it's several!

At 4-5 locks, the cost approaches being the same either way. At 6 or more locks, you lose money to do it yourself. And a lot of time and trouble too. Also, there's often carpentry work to make the bolts match up with the strike-plates. It's easy to think "it's easy" but then when you start doing it, you realize "Oh, not so easy".

Rekeying is the best choice if: 1) You don't want to shop for locks. 2) Don't want to do the work. 3) You have several locks. And 4) there's no good reason to throw the locks in the trash because they're still handsome and functional.

And Express Lock Service is the best choice to rekey house locks. I'm the king of rekeying locks, and at reasonable rates that are based on the market's going rates from three years ago to be extra competitive. You can't beat that.

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Express Lock Service is an insured professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County. We're a proud member of ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America. We're also accredited with the BBB.