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Express Lock Service opens locked doors, and rekeys the locks of homes and business. If you need fast service, then Express is the fastest locksmith in Olathe KS. Sometimes people need the locks rekeyed today and not scheduled next week. And when locked out, who wants to wait at all? I made fast service the intent from the start, to be there for people when other locksmiths are too busy or closed. Please note that Express stays "express" by limiting its services: we're a "specialty" locksmith, it is lockouts and rekeying only. I am an insured professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County.

Established in 2005.


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Please note that Express rekeys locks and does not install them, as we're not a reseller of locks. I'm contrasting "changing" with "rekeying" locks to help people decide whether they want our rekeying service.

Locked Out in Olathe KS?

I locked my keys in my car — who do I call?

Don't panic, and don't resort to breaking in. You're going to bend the door and chip the paint, and if it's a nice car that's a mistake. Especially if, after messing up your car, you find you can't get into it and must phone for a lockout service anyway.

Options for getting your car unlocked when your keys are locked inside include a locksmith, tow service, your dealership, a family member with a spare key, or roadside assistance through your insurer.

I don't mind mentioning other options to my services, because they are neither faster nor necessarily cheaper. I'm exactly the same cost as a tow service but far more skilled and far faster to arrive. (If you ask for my $15 discount then I'm also cheaper). The dealer probably can't help you. And if you can get someone to bring the spare then that saves me from people stealing time (which is actually THE thing we're selling) by hiring the car lockout service and then canceling (or fleeing the scene). If you have insurance then call and ask them if it's ok to hire me and use the receipt to get reimbursed (because I'm going to be several times faster than AAA).

You have NO faster option than hiring Express Lock Service so if you're in a hurry then we're the best choice.

Will the police unlock my car for free?

No they won't. In larger cities they are not allowed to unlock your car unless there's an emergency like a small child locked inside. I've seen them at work to "save the baby" and they treat it like a serious emergency -- meaning, there's no regard for the car's condition.

I've see worse though, with helpful (male) neighbors trying to "save the baby". The mother was in distress so the guys were intent on being heroes... They bent the passenger door with a crowbar, while two fellows were trying to yank the other door open with their hands. While they were doing that, the mother's mother (by far the calmest person on the scene) phoned me, and I drove across town, and I got the door open.

My standard arrival time to anywhere in Johnson County is 15 minutes; the door unlock happens in 1-3 minutes.

How much does it cost to unlock a car?

If your keys are locked in your car, the cost for a locksmith to unlock it typically ranges from about $60 to $250 according to The national average cost in 2022 for a locksmith to unlock your locked door was $82 during regular business hours according to Locksmith Ledger's price survey.

My cost is $75 total. (Ask me for a $15 discount, in trade for mentioning that you read my webpage).

Call us if you're locked out of your car or house, or need your home locks rekeyed. Express Locks is locally owned and operated fast locksmith in Olathe KS.

My locksmith services are in Olathe KS and all Johnson County.

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