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Express Lock Service opens locked doors, and rekeys the locks of homes and business. If you need fast service, then Express is the fastest locksmith in Olathe KS. I am an insured professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County.


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Locked Out in Olathe KS?

I locked my keys in my car — who do I call?

If it's a nice car then don't resort to breaking in. You're thinking "it shouldn't be too hard" but you're wrong - it's way easier to think about than to do. You ARE going to bend the door and chip the paint. Again, if it's a nice car and you hope it has resale value and you don't like rain getting through the door you bent... then $75 for a locksmith is a MUCH smarter choice.

Especially if, after messing up your car, you find you can't get into it and must phone for a lockout service anyway.

Options for getting your car unlocked when your keys are locked inside include a locksmith, tow service, your dealership, a family member with a spare key, or roadside assistance through your insurer.

I don't mind mentioning other options to my services, because they are neither faster nor necessarily cheaper. I'm exactly the same cost as a tow service but far more skilled and far faster to arrive. The dealer probably can't help you. Someone bringing the spare key is best, IF you have the time to wait. If you have insurance then call and ask them if it's ok to hire me and use the receipt to get reimbursed (because I'm going to be several times faster than AAA).

You have NO faster option than hiring Express Lock Service. My standard arrival time to anywhere in Johnson County is 15 minutes; the door unlock happens in 1-3 minutes.

How much does it cost to unlock a car?

If your keys are locked in your car, the cost for a locksmith to unlock it typically ranges from about $60 to $250 according to The national average cost in 2022 for a locksmith to unlock your locked door was $82 during regular business hours according to Locksmith Ledger's price survey.

I want a CHEAP service!

I charge $75 for all car and home lockouts in Olathe KS.

If you phone someone who says it's less, then be sure they are saying the full total cost on the phone. If they give an estimate and suggest it might be more, that means it WILL be more. Probably a lot more, because there's no reason for estimates for lockout services except to hide the price.

Fixed prices that fall inside the market's rates means no hidden costs. So 1) never accept an estimate for a lockout service, but also 2) don't expect unrealistic cheapness cuz a flat fee of "only $25!" is an outright lie. You're buying an hour of COMPANY TIME (not the "labor" of one person to "just unlock a car") and no company sells clients their time for less than maybe $60/hr bare minimum.

Call us if you're locked out of your car or house, or need your home locks rekeyed. Express Locks is local and fast locksmith in Olathe KS.

My locksmith services are in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Shawnee, Mission.

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