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Locksmith in Leawood

And serving all Johnson County KS.

Full List of Services:

  • Unlock Car, keys locked inside.
  • Unlock Home Door, keys locked inside.
  • Rekey Home Doors.
  • Rekey Business Doors.

Express Lock Service can get a locksmith in Leawood KS there in 20 minutes when you're locked out of your car. Rekey your home and get new keys, same-day service available.

Get your car or home unlocked fast!

Accept No Estimates! is an important money-saving strategy. If calling around for a car lockout and someone tells you it's a "$19 service fee" or "prices start at $35" or "it's about $50, depends on the locks", that's a trick. The number is bait, it distracts from how vague they are which is a setup for the switch. After arrival they drop the bomb: a cost that's 2 to 5 times the going-rate for a service that traditionally, among real locksmiths (not call centers), has always been settled entirely on the phone. Call me, describe the situation a little and I'll tell you the exact price bluntly and sincerely. My costs are based on the market's going-rates, the barometer of what prices should be. The price quote for the service you describe is guaranteed to not change after arrival.

Hire a professional who's insured and with the skill to do the job fast and expertly with no damage to your home locks or vehicle door. Zero damage, guaranteed.

Get new keys to the locks on your house and increase home security.

Reasons to re-key the locks in your home:

Previous owners or renters, their extended family and friends, contractors, house cleaners, the neighbors... Who all had keys, and might still have copies, to the house before you moved in?

Someone's been asked to leave or was fired. Rekey the locks and they find there's no easy way in at night or when your at work or out of town.

If you have lost your last keys, if you dropped them or lost a purse or the car was stolen.

You'll feel safer knowing when only select persons have working keys.

Re-key the Locks? or Change the Locks?

Rekeying locks is much less expensive than buying new locks.

The difference in re-keying a lock from changing the locks is rekeying does not involve putting in new hardware. The locks on your doors are made to work with a different cut of key. So rekeying is just new keys for the same locks and that is less expensive than buying all new locks and installing them.

If the locks are still functioning well, then rekeying the locks is the much better choice. Money saved, metal not thrown away... decent quality locks that are cared for can last decades and getting the longest use possible out of products is a fine money-saving goal.

Call us at 913-599-0400 to make an appointment. Often same-day service for rekeying is available if that's needed. The name "Express" is meant to be descriptive.

I am an insured and professional locksmith serving Leawood KS. And a proud member of MKLA, the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association; as well as ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America.