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Express Lock Service opens locked doors, and rekeys the locks of homes and business. Express is the fastest locksmith in Leawood KS. Sometimes people need the locks rekeyed today and not scheduled next week. And when locked out, who wants to wait at all? I made fast service the intent from the start, to be there for people when other locksmiths are too busy or closed. I am an insured professional locksmith serving Leawood KS and all Johnson County.

Established in 2005.


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Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?

Rekeying is cheaper. But if your locks are beat up then changing them for different locks can be the better choice.

Changing locks involves installing a new lock, which is more expensive and takes more time than rekeying.

The Reason to Rekey Locks

If the locks work and your worry is someone has a copy of your key and might enter your home, then the locksmith at Express can rekey your locks. This way the old keys don't work anymore and you have a new set of keys.

This is cheaper and faster than changing the locks entirely.

Also, if you have 2 or more keys and want to get it down to 1 key, then rekeying can do that for you. This is provided that all the locks have the same shape of keyway. You can test that by taking the one key you know works, then fitting it in the other locks. Even if it doesn't unlock them, if it fits all the locks then they all have the same keyway and can all be rekeyed to work on one key.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying locks is changing pins in the lock's cylinder so that it works with a new key. The length of the pins (or tumblers) determines the cut of key.

When we rekey locks, the pins inside the lock are replaced so that the old key no longer works. You get new keys to replace the old ones.

In general, rekeying is more cost-effective and convenient, but changing locks may be necessary for some situations.

If unsure whether to rekey or change locks, get the best advice from Express Lock Service about rekeying your locks. We're a bonded and professional locksmith in Leawood KS.

Call us if you're locked out or need your locks rekeyed. Express Locks is locally owned and operated fast locksmith in Leawood KS.

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My locksmith services are in Leawood KS and all Johnson County.

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