Looking for a locksmith near me, that's Express Lock Service. I can be anywhere in Johnson County in 15-20 minutes when you're locked out of car or home. We proudly serve as your locksmith Overland Park, KS and surrounding cities (Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Shawnee and Merriam KS).

Some people worry (and should) the price might change when hiring a locksmith. I give the total cost on the phone -- no estimates, no excuse to hide the price like "need to see the locks first". My reputation rests on my honest and fast service.

Fixed pricing in locksmithing looks like this: "It's $60 total to come out and unlock your car." The advantage: It can't be more than $60 even if there's more work than expected. Variable pricing in locksmithing looks like this: "$19 service fee and from $25 labor, we need to see the locks first."  The advantage: None at all. You're not saving a single penny. They're saying it WILL be more than the little lowball numbers they've told you. They're not saying how much more to steal your chance at an informed choice.

When you're locked out, nothing matters like getting the total price does.


When moving into a new home or office space, it's important to rekey the locks. That way you have new keys and are the only one with keys to your new house or business. You get new keys and old keys will no longer work.

Sometimes people ask to "change the locks" because they think a lock change is necessary to get new keys. But there is no need to change out all doorknobs and deadbolts if they work.

Rekeying does not involve replacing the lock and does not involve any repairs. So rekeying is the right choice to save money if the locks are in good working order and you want new keys. It's far less expensive than replacing all the locks.