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Full List of Services:

  • Unlock Locked Car.
  • Unlock Locked Home or Business Door.
  • Rekey Home Doors.
  • Rekey Business Doors.

Get your car or home unlocked fast!

Our guarantee to the customer:

  • The full price stated upfront means no huge hidden costs. Any ads out there saying "Only $19 Service!" or "prices start at $35" or "lockouts from $29" are bait. When you call them they say the cost is "about $50, depends on the security level of the locks". Then when they arrive it's $180 according to consumer complaints.
    I don't do that.
  • If I'm available, I'm fast and can be at your location within 20 minutes in Overland Park and surrounding cities.
  • The name "Express" describes the service: fast quality rekeys and lockouts, now rather than later, for a fair price that is based on the math of the market's going rates and not on whim or scheming.

Rekey locks on home or business

When moving into a new home or office space, it is wise to rekey the locks in all doors for new keys to be sure you're the only one with keys to your new home. Also if you're a business and have dismissed an employee. Sometimes people ask me to "change the locks" but often what they mean is "I need new keys for my locks", and that is our specialty.

There is no need for changing out all the doorknobs and deadbolts if they are not low quality, worn out or damaged. If the locks are good then a lock re-key service is cheaper than replacing all the hardware.

Express is almost always able to rekey your doors before nightfall so you can rest easy the home or business is secure tonight, if this immediate service is needed. It's my specialty: doing the work sooner rather than later, and doing it exceptionally well. I'm an insured, skilled and professional locksmith in Overland Park.

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