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Express Lock Service in Overland Park is known by our customers as fast and honest. Our focus is opening locked doors when you are locked out of car, home or business. We also specialize in rekeying or "changing the locks" so that new keys work, for residential and commercial doors.

PLEASE NOTE: That is a complete list of Express's services: we unlock cars and unlock homes, and we rekey the locks in house and commercial doors. AND NOTHING ELSE. This is entirely an "express" service, the focus is on persons needing a quick, immediate mobile locksmith. As with most locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, there is NO SHOP.

Do you know you can rekey residential and commercial locks without replacing the doorknobs and deadbolts? It's cheaper and the only reason to change the locks out for all new ones is if they are low quality, worn out or damaged. If you have just moved into your home or business, or lost a key, or loaned a key out to someone you no longer trust, and if the locks are still good, then a lock re-key service is the best solution for you.

At Express, all lockouts are a flat rate regardless of time of day, distance or labor. Rekeying is a specific amount per lock to be re-keyed. It's all settled on the phone, there are no hidden prices revealed after arrival.

Call and talk with the locksmith in Overland Park, and get our price stated in full for whichever service you need: unlock car, unlock home, rekey house, rekey business. We're an insured and a professional locksmith in Overland Park KS.

Services are available throughout Johnson County. The location in Overland Park is central and mobile services are very quickly dispatched to all cities surrounding Overland Park.

We're a proud member of MKLA, the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association; as well as ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America.

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"Why does Express advertise the full price is named and there's no hidden costs?"

Because some companies are vague about their prices and have huge hidden costs, and we're not one of those.

Maybe you saw one of the "$15 Locksmith!" or "Only $19 Service!" ads on Google. And, if you phone them about a locked car, their price quote will go something like this: "It's $15 to come out and $25 or more to open the car's door, the technician needs to see the locks first".

Then suppose you phone another company and they say: "It's $60".

So, which one of those are cheaper?

The correct answer is the $60 guy is cheaper by half and maybe more. The first quote does not add up to $40 or near it, the "or more" or "about" they slip in means they just don't want to say what the price is; they know breaking it into small numbers gets people thinking "maybe they're less expensive". And no one needs to see your car's locks first. The game is they know most people who would have said "NO!" to the price had they named it on the phone don't do it after their 'technician' (the guy who bought your address from them) has arrived on site.

And the only reason anybody's advertising a service fee at $15 (or $25 or $35) is that's the bait in a bait-and-switch scam. $15 is one-fourth the market's going-rate for a service fee. No locksmith in Overland Park or the area has provided any variety of mobile service at that rate in decades.

Here are the national average prices in 2013:

locksmith overland park ks price list

"But locksmiths are too expensive"

If "too expensive" means they're overpriced then that is factually wrong if the price is within the marketplace's going-rate. The market's going-rate is what prices "should be". It tells what's too expensive and also what's too cheap. If the cost really is too expensive that's bad enough, but too cheap is worse. Tradespersons can, and do, pretend to be cheaper than they are in order to steal your choice from you. So remember "if it's too good to be true then it's not true".

"But it only takes them a couple minutes to open a car"

If you brought the car to the locksmith then that'd be true, and any locksmith would open it for just $10 max. The thing about mobile services is... they're mobile! 98% of the service of unlocking a locked car's door is the drive there and back. Towing, electricians, plumbers... they're all at $60 or more mobile service fee. So a professional locksmith would have to be a professional idiot to charge less than everybody else.

It's interesting though if we apply the notion "it's just a couple minutes" to the scammer's "price quote". The company wants $15 for an hour given to a single client... but they want "$25 or more" for something that takes only a couple minutes. That's nuts. And then, if you look at some of the consumer complaints across the internet, you'll find "or more" means $120 and sometimes much more. And that's worse than nuts.

"Now I'm not sure who to trust"

Many reports on this problem end with a long list of advice but it all reduces to one very easy-to-remember rule of thumb:

Never accept a vague price, or a range of prices, for a car lockout. There's no reason for estimates here, and traditionally locksmiths have always quoted the full and final price on the phone. The most we need to know to simply name the total cost is what kind of car you want unlocked and how far the drive is. If you don't want a car or home lockout service, but something more involved, then you can still ask what the cost for a lockout is just to test for their honesty. Say you were just curious about it and then move on to what your actual situation is.

I'll add it's a good idea to know the going-rates. This is how to know who's too expensive and, no less importantly, who's too cheap. Going into an important business transaction armed with knowledge is the smart way to do it, it can save you a great deal of money. And if you share this information with friends and family you can help them both save money and save them a very negative experience as well.

One last thing on who to trust... It is not Google. They know exactly what these scammers do, they know publishing these fraudulent ads results in 1000's of swindles every day across America. And they do nothing because they want their "cut of the loot" too when Americans call these scammers. Please do not EVER use the paid-for advertising at the top of Google.com; do not click those links no matter what product or service. And, anyway, those advertisers just want to buy customers with big ads rather than earn them with skilled marketing. Pick the local, small businesses in the links below the paid-for advertising, always, for better service and for a more beautiful (smaller, more local) world for us all.