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Serving all Johnson County: Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Shawnee, Merriam, Mission, Gardner.

Full List of Services:

  • Unlock Locked Car.
  • Unlock Locked Home or Business Door.
  • Rekey Home Doors.
  • Rekey Business Doors.

Locked Out?

Fast service!

I specialize in lockouts and rekeying. That way things stay an "express lock service"... meaning, fast. You can get a locksmith at your location in 15-20 minutes when you're locked out of your home or car.

Total Price on the Phone (and why it matters)

Some people worry the price might change. My costs are a definite flat rate (the service fee and labor cost combined into one unchangeable total). And here's why a flat rate matters:

Some locked out persons wonder: "It takes you locksmiths 'a few minutes' so why's it so expensive?" The answer is: The service is 90% drive and 10% unlock. The cost is the company's wages for a sizable chunk of company time so it's not a few minutes and the cost isn't the locksmith's wages. The 2017 national average cost for a car lockout was $74. The market's going rate is $60-$90. So being at the lower end is in fact cheap. And by an insured and highly skilled locksmith, it's not possible to get a better deal.

Persons looking for a company price close to anyone's hourly wage will, unfortunately, find it offered... It's not real. But what people want is known, so of course there are con artists who'll take advantage. They say: "It's $19 service fee, and from $19 labor". But notice they're hiding the total: the word "from" means "could be anything". Consumer complaints show they're often $200 or more.

Don't let little numbers fool you. The key to getting a reasonable price is 1) know the market's rates and 2) get the total cost on the phone.

Rekey Locks

When moving into a new home or office space, rekey the door's locks. That way you have new keys and are the only one with keys to your new house or business. All old keys will no longer work.

Sometimes people ask to "change the locks". But often what they mean is "I need new keys for my locks". There is no need for changing out all doorknobs and deadbolts if they work fine. The re-key service is cheaper than replacing all the hardware.

Express can rekey the doors before nightfall so you can rest easy the home or business is secure tonight. It's my specialty: doing the work sooner rather than later, and doing it exceptionally well.

Locksmith vs. Lowes. Who's cheaper?

Be careful not to shoot your own foot trying to "save money".

Caller asks: "I want new keys for my doors, how much will that cost?"

I ask: "How many locks in total?"

They say: "Three".

I ask: "Is that doors or locks?"

Then I explain the difference. I have to, because pretty much everyone (about 4 in 5) count their doors and tell me that number. We spend our lives saying "lock the door" so we tend to think in terms of doors. Then when the caller understands they need to count each lock, it dawns on them it's SIX locks! A doorknob and a deadbolt in each door.

Holy cow! the price is skyrocketing even before the locksmith has arrived! Now they want to find another, cheaper solution because the number of their locks are muliplying.

It's the "big number syndrome" at work... Ironically, many folk are ok with rekeying 1-3 locks; the cost is littler. But the more locks, the more freaky-big the number gets.... (Even though things are getting more cost-effective).

The more locks, the more cost-effective a locksmith gets.
At about 4 locks you don't save enough money to make it worth the DIY solution. And, beyond that, you lose money and saddle yourself with the work as well.

Let's compare! It's Lowes vs. The Locksmith!

A. Lowes or Home Depot:

Locks are $30-$35 individually, $50 if you buy a deadbolt/doorknob set. (I recommend Schlage locks so you're not wasting money getting over-cheap locks). So, buying the sets to save the most money, with tax it's $165 for 6 Schlage locks. Then there's the work... Not a problem for some DIY folk but often there's carpentry work of making the bolt or latch match up with the strike-plate.

B. Locksmith:

$50 service-fee + $20 per lock. For 6 locks that's $170 total. I do all the work, and all locks work smoothly when done.

I argue it's more cost-effective hiring the locksmith if it's over 3 locks. Still hire me though if you don't want the trouble, it's sometimes quite easy but sometimes it isn't.

Buy locks if the old ones are junk though. But if they function well (and aren't a stupid-cheap brand), then they should last decades. Especially if you take care of them ... and re-keying does count as maintenance since I'm cleaning the lock's insides while putting new pins in them.

(Another non-solution, aside from do-it-yourself, is calling around until you get an "estimate". This is the "please don't tell me a freaky-big number [until it's too late]" syndrome.)


I'm an insured, skilled, professional locksmith in Overland Park, serving all Johnson County.   So if locked out or want locks rekeyed, call 913-599-0400