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Unlock car, rekey home. No need to see locks before pricing, the total price is named on the phone.

Locked Out?

Oops! The keys are locked in your car, it all happened in just a split second and you've got somewhere you need to be. Locking yourself out is definitely annoying. You might have tried a coat hanger and it didn't work, or it's a nice car and you don't want to damage it, or you're in a hurry.

Express can help! And we can do it skillfully and fast. You're just a phone call away. And most importantly the prices for lockouts are a flat rate. You'll get the use of your car back as quickly as possible and be back on the road in no time.

Pay only a flat rate. No hidden fees, no surprises.

  • 15-20 minute arrival time.
  • Flat-rate service. I just need a little description and the price is quoted in full on the phone, no hidden costs revealed after arrival.
  • Fair price. I set my price at the low-end of the market's going-rate. Unfortunately many people look for the littlest number with no worry about "too good to be true" because they consider everything but the cheapest "offers" to be "too bad to be true", and of course there are some who'd take advantage of that. Anyone claiming "$19 service fee" and "prices start at $35" are hiding that they really want 3 times more than normal mobile locksmith costs. Express Lock Service doesn't do that!
  • Local business. Small business dedicated to quality service. I do not have space here to express here how very important it is, to your wallet and to receiving the highest quality locksmith service, to avoid call centers and phone a local locksmith directly.
  • Skilled, insured, professional, credentialed.

Make the right choice. Get the best service, by a local locksmith who's intent on being forthright about the price and the estimated time of arrival.

Rekey the locks

Rekey the locks in all doors when moving into a new home or office space.

With this service you keep the hardware but make it so old keys don't work and new keys do. It's a cheaper option to changing the locks.

It's an important security measure to do if you moved into a new home and are not sure who has keys to your doors. Or if you're a business and let an employee go and want to ensure full control over who can enter your property.

Express Lock Service Olathe KS

We're an insured and certified professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County. We're a proud member of MKLA, the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association. As well as ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America.

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