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"Why are locksmiths so expensive?" people ask.

This is usually about mobile services. When someone's locked out, they tend to focus on "I want the door opened, that's all". The work is what seems important to them and not the drive. So a mobile service seems like a lot of money for a little work by a locksmith. When actually it's a lot of a company's time devoted to one single client.

Why is that important for everyone to know? I'll explain...

Which locksmiths are telling me the right price?

Common but mistaken ideas like "it's not that much work", or "it's easy for these guys with their tools", drive people to look for a tiny price.

And all businesses know many consumers do that, so what will they do with the knowledge?

Honest locksmiths explain the fees without hiding key information. They do it in spite of knowing it can seem "expensive". But they give the information anyway.

Con artists don't. They take advantage of flawed expectations by making claims like "From $19" and "Prices start at $19" and "Only $19 Service" in their advertising and on the phone.

What you need to know when comparing locksmith prices...

Knowing the market's going rates help a LOT. But people often don't have that info at hand.

Math shows the trick the most clearly. Remember the word problems in Algebra class? Well, this is the sort of thing those were about!

Let's examine the two basic sorts of price quotes that are out there.

The caller asks: "How much is it to unlock my car?"

Locksmith A answers: "It's $19 to come out, and it's from $25 to unlock the car. Depends on the security level of your locks".

Locksmith B answers: "It's $60 total. That's $50 to come out, and $10 to unlock the car".

Which is cheaper?

Many people pick Locksmith A because the smaller numbers suggest a cheaper price.

But it's Locksmith B who is cheaper, by $100 or more.

  • His price formula is a + b = x. With the numbers inserted, it's 50 + 10 = 60. It doesn't get more straightforward than that.

  • The price is at the bottom end of the market's going rates. (And the going rate is consumer's agreement with businesses on prices, so if there's a price that things "should be" it's the market's going rate). The national average price for lockouts in 2017 was $74. So, wishing it was $19? Sorry, but impossible.

  • Each number is proportionate to the service it corresponds to. A big number ($50) for the time-costly mobility and a little number ($10) for the five minutes or so of labor makes perfect sense.

  • Towing, electricians, plumbers charge at the very least $50 mobile service. They and locksmiths all have EXACTLY the same reason for that charge. So familiarity with any of these trades means you already have an idea what to expect. And $19 isn't it.

  • Let's go back and look at how much sense Locksmith A doesn't make.

  • His price formula is a + b + y = x. Insert the numbers and you have not one but TWO unknowns: 19 + 25 + y = x. It doesn't get much more vague than that. No matter what "x" amounts to, a price quote like this is a manipulation.

  • He wants $19 for the most time-consuming and most important part of the service: the mobility. All other mobile trades are $50 to $80 for that service.

  • And $25 to unlock a car? The door unlock is actually the least part of what the service is. If you locked the keys inside while parked in front of a locksmith shop, it'd cost $10. But "Locksmith A" is not saying it's $25. He's saying it's MORE than that. He has to make up for that lowball service fee somewhere.

  • The people I'm describing are not locksmiths. I don't want to seem like I'm bashing my fellow locksmiths. I'm faster than most locksmiths because being "express" is my focus. And I'm at least equally skilled in my specialties: lockouts and rekeying. But there are other honest locksmiths around, like my fellow certified locksmiths at the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association.

    So, who are the scammers?

  • They're call centers or dispatchers. They're nonlocal (regardless of area code or whatever claims in their ads). They want addresses to sell. If you hire their service, they find a "contractor" (some anonymous anybody) in your metro area who signed up to buy their "leads" (your information).
  • They're prominent in the paid Ads at the top of Google. Which means they can, if necessary, change their information overnight without losing placement. Which means they have no reputation to protect.
  • So, what's to stop them charging $240 for a $70 service?
  • Want to save money? Here's how!

    Don't look for the littlest numbers!

    Look instead for honesty and hire it when you find it.

    Remember "x" (the sum total cost) is the only number that matters. Don't compare two company's service fees against each other. It's a huge mistake to compare a $19 service fee against anyone's $50 or $60 service fee, and conclude they'll be cheaper. It's a trick.

    If they won't tell the total cost or at least explain their math more clearly than a "starts at" price, then phone someone else!

    Skip the paid-for advertising at the top of Google. ALWAYS. All ads in all trades with a little green or yellow "AD" next to them are the most suspect listings. If they're filled up with other sorts of bait than small numbers (discount! lowest prices! best service in town!) then it's all the worse. The listings below the paid ads need time and reputation to earn their placement and reviews. They've dug in and want to stay so they need the community to like them and review them positively.

    Does it seem weird that the adverts with the least promises are usually the higher quality, less expensive services? It shouldn't. The more promises, the more stupid they think you are.

    Rekey the locks

    Rekey the locks in all doors when moving into a new home or office space.

    With this service you keep the hardware but make it so old keys don't work and new keys do. It's a cheaper option to changing the locks.

    It's an important security measure to do if you moved into a new home and are not sure who has keys to your doors. Or if you're a business and let an employee go and want to ensure full control over who can enter your property.

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