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Full price stated on the phone

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Want to save money? Here's how!

Never hire anyone giving estimates on the phone for lockouts or rekeying. That way you save money for not paying the hidden fees some services reveal after arrival.

Here is my Price List:

  • $60 total to unlock a car. That's $50 service fee and $10 for the unlock.
  • $75 total to unlock a house. That's $50 service fee and $25 to pick the lock and open the door.
  • Rekeying home and business locks is $60 service fee and $20 per lock to rekey.

There, the prices stated upfront with no "from" or "about" slipped in. Like they should always be for these services. Just as they will be on the phone as well.

Accept no estimates!

Some out there will offer estimates when there's no good reason for it except hidden prices. "$19 service fee" is the most common lowball bait. No mobile service among locksmiths, towing, electricians, plumbers, and similar, has been that cheap in decades. And we all have the same reasons for our mobile service fee. That lowball service fee isn't possible without making up for it somewhere else. Hence the estimate (they're definite about the little service fee, but vague-as-heck about labor costs) instead of just stating the total price on the phone. Saying the total is the tradition among real locksmiths for car and home lockouts.

The market's going rate (which is the agreement between consumers and businesses on what prices "should be") is $50 to $90. The national average price in 2017 for "Auto Openings" was $70. Judging by the many consumer complaints, "the $19 guys" average maybe $130 for unlocking cars. But I've seen complaints about costs over $300 for unlocking a car or home.

Ignore all advertisements.

Use Yelp's consumer reviews instead. Not just for lockmiths but for all local businesses. It's the right tool for the job.

Consumer reviews are your best way to find a trustworthy service. That way you're trusting your fellow consumers instead of the marketing gimmicks of adverts.

But pick a directory with closely monitored reviews, to be sure they really are written by community members and are not fake reviews. In other words, don't use Google. Use Yelp instead. Scammers do very badly on Yelp, and so they always flee back to Google where fake reviews are way easier. (I'm not marketing for Yelp here, this is advocacy for monitored consumer reviews).

Rekey the locks

Rekey the locks in all doors when moving into a new home or office space.

With this service you keep the hardware but make it so old keys don't work and new keys do. It's a cheaper option to changing the locks.

It's an important security measure to do if you moved into a new home and are not sure who has keys to your doors. Or if you're a business and let an employee go and want to ensure full control over who can enter your property.

Locked out of car or home?

I specialize in lockouts and rekeying. That way things stay "express"... meaning, fast. It's the niche I chose. When others say "too busy, gotta schedule it for later", I can be there much faster. Usually within 20 minutes if a fast lockout service is needed. Which will appeal to most people locked out of their car or home.

Express Lock Service is an insured and certified professional locksmith serving Olathe KS and all Johnson County. We're a proud member of MKLA, the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association. As well as ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America. Also accredited with the BBB.

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